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Fall 2016

October 2015

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Graduate Student Panel

Graduate and undergraduate students collaborated for the creation of a graduate student panel! In this event graduate students within the BME department sat on a panel for 30 minutes discussing their experiences within BME and answered questions about general graduate life inquiries. The panel ended and graduate students were assigned spaces to showcase their work in order to promote undergraduate approaches and stimulate interest within BME research. Overall the event was a hit and connected students across grades.

Homecoming Tailgate

On Saturday, Oct. 10th we represented the BME department along with Dr. German at the 2015 homecoming tailgate event hosted by the Watson School of engineering. Here Alumni and students gained the unique oppurtunity to talk with professors about the changes happening within the Binghamton University Department of Biomedical Engineering. BMES student members helped run the BME department booth in order to spread knowledge of BME.

2015 BMES Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL

Nicole Martucci ("Metal oxide nanoparticle ingestion alters alkaline phosphatase activity") and Gabriella Shull ("Nanoparticle ingestion affects glucose transportation in in vitro model of the intestinal epithelium")represented our BMES Chapter at the BMES Conference in Tampa, Florida! In addition, our student chapter had its own individual booth for the first time ever where we showcased our "project in a box". The two attended talks discussing cutting edge research in BME, as well as, fellow BMES student chapter best practices presentations.

Susquehanna River Cleanup Project

The Broome County River Cleanup was amazing. Our team cleaned/sorted through large amounts of trash from the Broome County River! Overall 12 students joined together on a rainy Saturday in the greater Binghamton area to fish out large amounts of hazardous trash from the susquehannah river. Overall, twelve bags of trash were taken from the water and disposed of. This community outreach event helped volunteers connect with the local environment and think critically about waste treatment in BU.

September 2015


We volunteered at Robercon's annual science fiction three day convention which is hosted in order to promote and stimulate interest and excitement in science! Overall we had about 8 members attend and volunteer with the organization. Volunteers expressed that the event was a great place to go and that they individually learned about science in a new unpredicted way. The BMES hopes to make this an annual occurance and attend every year!