As future leaders in biomedical engineering it is our obligation to propagate our experiences/knowledge to younger students in order to stimulate long term success within engineering and, furthermore, the world. Currently, there exists a lack of cohesion within the community of students across grades in the BME department.

Pilot Program Objective
Our objective this semester is to launch a pilot program that will recruit motivated and curious individuals and stimulate inter-grade collaboration in order to enhance the overall BME community.

We will launch a series of events to stimulate inter-grade collaboration and familiarize students with one another. After these events, we will ask interested parties to complete an online form listing general interests, research interests, and professional goals as well as desired role (mentor or mentee) in the program. This information will be used to match mentors to mentees in order to create a comfortable relationship between the mentor and mentee. After the matching process is complete we will kickoff the formal program with a dinner reception. Over the remainder of the semester mentors and mentees will meet weekly and the program will host tri weekly group meetings in order to gauge success of pairs and make appropriate modifications to the program if necessary. We will conclude this pilot phase of the program with a closing dinner and promote feedback.

Additional Ways to Get Involved
This program will not succeed without dedicated individuals to propagate stimulation across classes (WE NEED YOU!). Thus, we are highly encouraging all levels of participation within the organization. The following are ways you could help us out/gain larger roles within our program:
1. SPREAD THE WORD - Do you know anyone else that would be interested in the program? TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Seriously, we would like everyone to know about this initiative in order to guarantee that interested members are able to convert the ubiquitous latent potential of fellow BMEs into innovative kinetic energy!
2. BECOME YOUR GRADE REPRESENTATIVE - As previously stated we are seeking enthusiastic students from each grade to represent their peers. As a representative of your grade you will join us in background executive meetings and relay information regarding the feelings of your peers, furthermore, providing us with essential information to optimize/custom tailor our program to satisfy the needs of students. You will gain leadership experience and learn how to convert exciting ideas into tangible results.
3. EXPRESS INTEREST IN EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP - In addition to grade representatives, we are seeking members interested in gaining integral roles in our executive leadership to help us optimize the program. We want this program to grow and flourish across years and require individuals interested in the long term success of our program.

Contact Information -If you have any questions or would like to provide us with feedback/suggestions please contact us at,, or